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Real Vastu Shastra

The science of real Vastu Shastra for your Home


Now a days Vastu is like a duplicate product. Only the name exists like a brand name but its contents are duplicate. This vastu does not give you good value and healthy building for you. If you want a best design for your home which gives your family a healthy environment, then go for Green Home designing. 

This Green Home design is the Real Vastu. Because this design considers the natural building material which does not affect our health. And saves power consumption and hence it is economical and efficient. Also these building materials and designs will avoid allergy and disease.


What is vastu?

Vastu shastra means science of architecture and construction.  “Vastu” in sanskrit means nature, surrounding or environment, the word came from “Vasi” denoting anything existing such as house, building etc. ”Shastra” in  Sanskrit means a system. So with scientific and geographical location knowledge  building designing system is Vastu shastra.

Found in Indian subcontinent, these survive as manuals on design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, spatial geometry and other aspects of architecture. Vastu sastras incorporate traditional Hindu and in some cases Buddhist beliefs. The designs are based on integrating architecture with nature and ancient Indian beliefs utilizing perfect geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry and directional alignments


What is Real Vastu?

The actual old knowledge of vastu is not in today vastu. Today we have knowledge of building science , geographical location and environmental science knowledge. Sick building syndrome give us what is the problem with poor design of building with bad materials. That’s why we should do designs with these scientific knowledge which gives you natural and healthy Home. We can call this Green Home or Real Vastu.

So we combine this natural design with science knowledge and Green home ideas and with some mathematical calculation for space consumption. This design system is Real Vastu Shastra.


How to avoid "Sick building syndrome "

real vastu




vastu plan


Vastu home design

vastu design