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Plumbing Plan:


The art and science of creating and maintaining sanitary conditions in building used by humans.

Most of us have a very basic understanding of plumbing, clean water is brought into the house while dirty water is removed from the home through the use of spigots, drains, pipes, etc. We do not really question where it comes from or where it goes.

The plumbing of a house requires careful planning using a plumbing plan. You must know where you want to install your appliances in order to prepare the plan. The plumbing system can be summarized in three parts: the water inlet system, the wastewater drainage piping system, and the ventilation system. One leaky joint can cause thousands of rupees worth of damage. An undersized, improperly sloped drain will continually clog.

We provide rain water harvest, and new water saving system like Aquaponic.