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Health and Wealth



We should build house that won’t sick us.



Some days we feel very tired to get up from bed. After more than 8 hours sleep we may feel sleepy. This is because less oxygen make us tired. Oxygen depravity damage our brain cellsTo get adequate oxygen we need add indoor plants which release more oxygen.


Harmful Chemicals:

Chemicals from building materials, furniture, and even air fresheners can make indoor air toxic, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Some plants can remove the poisonous gases, and make toxic free air in our house.


Energy consumption:

Design your house with well ventilation and less energy consumption. Design Wiring plans and designs give you Green Home design for Healthy life and Green energy building for economic benefit. Keeping us healthy will reduce our medical bills. More oxygen make us energetic and make us successful in our business. So Green Building make us healthy and also make us wealthy.

Some plants give more oxygen, some plant remove harmful toxic some remove dust. Also some plants need more sunlight, some enjoy less sunlight. For more details contact Design Wiring.

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How to avoid "Sick building syndrome "