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Electrical plan include DB design, which have circuit breakers and cabling details for every device and every room. Proper DB design gives more safety.



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Electrical wiring Plan:

Lack of wiring plan for electrical gadgets while constructing the house is one of the reasons why wires mess up with a house décor. Constructing a house is a big project. It does not end with just engaging an architect or a contractor.

Planning the electrical work has to be done immediately after getting the approval for the plan. Hold several meetings of the family members several times, if necessary.

We provide wiring plans with safety codes and standards. You will receive your “house wiring document “which contains all cabling, switch boards and circuit breaker details complying with Indian Electrical standard. It will serve as a guide and future reference to know about all wiring details. It will give you information about wiring path and plan, circuit breaker design and other details. So this house wiring manual will help you and your electrician for any future reference.

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You need your house Electrical plan for Home Automation implementation or any future works.

Every aspect of electrical wiring is critical. Install your wiring and fixtures to standards, and eliminate any potential risk to you or your property. With cabling plan and professional Electrical engineer's consultation you can get quality wiring work done through your Electrician and Builder.

For Electrical cabling you will get:

  • Inter-Floor pipes and cabling plan
  • Electrical Floor plans
  • DB design diagram
  • Electrical essential material details
  • Wall piping elevation diagram
  • Advance products Details
  • Cabling standards and documentation
  • Appliance wattage calculation and cable size sheet

This is the list of plan diagrams and documents for you house. With these and some other documents and plan diagrams, you will get whole House wiring manual.

Provide Appliance details:

Provide a list of appliances that you plan to use in your house.

Example: AC 1 ton, Motor .5 HP, Micro Wave Oven, Dish washer etc., so that I can calculate wattage and amp ratings for cable and circuit breakers. With this I can design your DB. I will provide your “Appliance wattage calculation sheet” and  “DB diagram”. (Distribution Box –Circuit breaker and Earth leakage breaker)


So planning for your House cabling will avoid lot of future work. Within a year your will avoid unnecessary re-work, maintenance work and you will save up to Rs 5000 to 7000.

Standard: IEC, IS 4648: 1968 Guide for Electrical Layout in residential buildings



Why Do You Need Electrical and Structured cable Planning?

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Buy Electrical and Structured Cabling Plan. If you are anywhere outside India, you can transfer money through Western Union or PayPal

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