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Child Safety :


1. Drowning.


A number of cases have come up where kids as old as 2 year olds have got drowned in bucketfuls of water in their homes. In the last two to three years, there have been cases of kids drowning in buckets in Asaram Bapu’s ashram school alone. It might be a little bewildering when we think about it, but babies are fascinated by the touch and feel of water. Water is the best toy a baby “thinks” he/she can get. My son is fascinated with our bathroom because there is so much water in there and he gets really agitated why he can’t go alone and play there. If you have a baby who is less than 4 years old, you should be careful with water containers and buckets. Ensure that you always lock the bathroom when it is not in use so that the baby does not sneak in when you are not watching. Never fill even small containers with water because even a little is enough to cause a lot of trouble.

2. Keep swimming pools barricaded.

People with swimming pools in their home should get it barricaded until the baby is old enough to understand its dangers. Inflatable baby swimming pools should never be kept aside filled with water.

3. Babyproof electrical sockets.

My son is super-interested in electrical outlets and so are all the other kids. My son likes to switch on and switch off lights and put his fingers into the electrical sockets. As soon as we realized that he could get electrocuted if we are not watching, we got all our electrical sockets within his reach taped heavily to make them safe. The other option is to opt for the kind of sockets in which the child cannot put his fingers in.

Babyproof sockets

4. Install baby safety gates on stairs.

When toddlers start to crawl, they find crawling on stairs fascinating; they would also be trying to get up and down the stairs. People living in duplex houses or houses that have stairs should add safety gates such that the baby does not fall down the stairs when he is trying to climb up or climb down. Baby gates is a must for homes with both stairs and babies.

5. Keep the baby away from potential heat and fire sources.

Remember to always keep tea cups, containers with hot liquid, and iron boxes away from the reach of the baby so that the baby does not burn himself.

6. Keep all chemical agents, pesticides, insecticides, and poisonous substances away from the reach of toddlers.

One of the first and most important things when a baby comes into the home is to keep all chemicals and harmful and poisonous substances locked. All babies have a tendency to put everything they can get their hands on, into their mouth. If they accidentally chance upon a chemical agent, they will try to put it into their mouth, which can be fatal. So, it is best to keep all chemical agents LOCKED.

7. Keep medicines away from children.

Kids get inquisitive when they see adults gulping down medicines and they want to do the same. It is of utmost importance to not let the kids have a reach to where your or anyone else’s medicines are kept. Blood pressure medicines and diabetes medicines will prove fatal for the child. So, it is better to be safe than be sorry. High doses of vitamins are also dangerous, so even these should be not left anywhere the baby can get them.


8. Keep the washing machine always covered.


I have seen my son trying to pull a stool and peep into the washing machine. It is important to remember not to fill the washing machine with water when not in use and to keep it covered. Babies can easily fall and get drowned in the washing machine’s water.









9. keep your TV from falling over

Flat panel TVs can pose a safety hazard when left unsecured. Children or pets playing can cause the heavy screen to accidentally tip forward or fall backward. The Stabilis Home Safety Kit ensures your family stays safe by securely attaching your TV to any flat surface or wall, preventing accidental injury.

Tie Bookcases to Wall Hooks

Kids love to climb and the bookcase happens to be one of the most common pieces of furniture your kids would attempt to explore. Although the bookcases are heavy, they become top heavy if your kids remove the books from the bottom shelves. This could cause the bookshelf to topple over easily. An effective way to prevent this from happening is to fasten the bookcases to wall hooks with the help of straps. You can also use the same technique to fasten other furniture pieces like television stands and dressers.




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