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Why Do You Need Electrical and Structured cable Planning?


Planning for your House electrical and structured cabling will give safety for your family and give future proof for your house. If any new technology will

come you can adapt and implement them in your house. And you will get your house wiring document which contain all cabling, switch boards and

circuit breakers details with Indian Electrical standard. 

For example, which room and which appliance should have what range of Circuit breakers and what rating cables and sockets.


Wiring Diagram Design:

 It contains wiring specification which comes under EB standard and also it is for guidance to Electrician.  

Ceiling piping diagram Distribution panel, Distribution Box diagram

DP contains Auto phase changer, source selector switches and other metering devices.

(Volt and Ammeter)

DB contains circuit breakers and manual phase changing switch only. 

DB design gives more safety to your family and avoids electrocution.


Electrical Planning:

With electrical plan you can plan for lightings and switch board type and location and I give you more details about cabling standards and DB design.

And we can plan for Implementing Solar and gen set with inverter wiring for future or present use. And you can adapt any new appliance and lightings.

For example:
10 Amp MCB is for Kitchen room sockets and lights and 20 Amp CB is for Microwave. For dishwasher or any other devices we will put exact rating

cables, sockets and CB. For this we need information about your accessories and devices requirements.

You have to inform what devices you are going to use and where. (Ex. Microwave and its location in kitchen)  Then in electrical plan I can update it

and instruct electrician about cable ratings, socket type and CB specification for each devices.

When the wiring finished you will get all the cabling standard, sockets and switch boards and CB details in the plans and diagrams.


Structured Cabling Planning:

I provide all standard details and cabling diagram for computer network, TV, Telephone and Home theater system. Normally Electricians and

builders mix low voltage cabling with electrical wiring. I give separate plan and instruction for electrical and structured wiring.


My services:

What I provide is how to implement standard electrical wiring codes in your building with documentation.  

In planning I follow an order for some practical reasons

First I send you ceiling and whole building pipes layout.

  1. Ceiling and building pipes plan

  2. Electrical Floor plans

  3. DB design diagram

  4. DP Diagram (If required)

  5. Structured cabling plan

  6. CDP diagram

  7. Electrical checklist ( Sockets and SW board details Excel file)

  8. Structured cabling material list

  9. Wall piping elevation diagram

  10. Cabling standards and documentation (In this stage whole House wiring diagram will come)