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Structured cabling

Buy Electrical and Structured Cabling Plan. If you are anywhere outside India you can transfer money through Western Union or PayPal

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Data Cable Planning (Structured Cabling) : 

This Structured cabling Plan is a new concept

Structured cabling system (Computer and other digital cabling) installed in your home provides you almost unlimited options for all digital technologies, and adds value to your home.

It provide all standard details and cabling diagram for computer network, TV, Telephone, IP camera, security and Home theater system. Normally Electricians and builders mix low voltage cabling with electrical wiring. We give separate plan and instruction for electrical and structured wiring.

With this you can add any digital device to your home network. From your TV you can view your photos and movies which is stored in your PC or Laptop from any room.

Now a day’s TV, Home Theater, Play station, Blue ray disc, music systems, printer and IP cameras come with network jack, so you need house LAN network. So you need Structured cabling, the cabling system for connecting computers and other digital devices like TV , HTPC.

What we provide is how to implement standard electrical wiring codes in your building with documentation. We provide all plans and standard code for data cabling. 


  1. Inter-Floor pipes and cabling plan
  2. Structured cabling plan
  3. CDP diagram
  4. Home Theater Design
  5. Cabling material list
  6. Wall piping elevation diagram
  7. Cabling standards and documentation


Central Distribution Panel (CDP):

Internet provider cable, telephone feeder cable are come to this CDP. All the computer and telephone cables distribute to all rooms form this CDP. Also we can use this for audio, video and safety digital devices as a central distribution point.





Standard: ANSI/TIA-568-B






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