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Home Theater Design

When you plan for your Home Theater you have to consider room shape, speaker placement and room acoustics. Your listening environment can noticeably affect your system's performance, for better or for worse. So for better sound experience we design your home theater with speaker placement, room design, acoustic treatment, and system setup.

Some people think they can install Wireless speakers instead of home theater wiring.
It's a great idea, but then reality sets in: wireless speakers always have wires.

And get this: most wireless speakers have more wires than standard "wired" speakers. Think about it--a regular speaker has a wire that delivers both power and signal to the speaker. Since wireless speakers aren't "powered" by your receiver or amplifier, they have to be plugged into an AC power outlet. 
Sure, transmitting signals to the speaker is relatively easy, but wireless receiver electronics are likely to degrade the sound compared to conventional wire. So wireless costs more and sounds worse!  
So instead of doing power  wiring for wireless speakers, you can go for full home theater cabling.


Multi room audio cabling

Some of branded Multi room audio systems

  • On-Q Multi-room Music Systems 
  • Yamaha Multi-room Music Systems 
  • Bose Multi-room Systems 
  • Niles Multi-room Music Systems
  • Russound A-S340 Single-source